Sundman V got a visible hit

April 18, 2014 the LADEE Moon probe hit the Moon at full speed. The results […]

LADEE impact site on the eastern rim of Sundman V crater, the spacecraft was heading west when it impacted the surface. The image was created by ratioing two images, one taken before the impact and another after the impact. The bright area shows the impact point and the ejecta (things that have changed between the time of the two images). The ejecta form a V shaped pattern extending to the northwest from the impact point. Ratio constructed with LROC images M1163066820RE and M1101816767RE [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

Dark matter – the story continues

So far, dark matter has evaded scientists’ best attempts to find it. Astronomers know the […]


Orbital ORB-3 crashes

What a bummer. No casualties, just bruised egos, I suppose. That’s rocket science; it won’t […]


M11, Wild Duck beauty

One of my favorite observing objects, M11 or Wild Duck cluster. The Wide Field Imager […]


A tight planetary squeeze

This is a cool calculation: I ran into this intriguing infographic over on Reddit that […]


Lucy Lawless in space, you said?

It might look like a spoked wheel or even a “Chakram” weapon wielded by warriors […]

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Spouting into Space

This image of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, taken by Rosetta’s Optical, Spectroscopic, and Infrared Remote Imaging System […]


Kiddie Universe

Using extremely faint light from galaxies 10.8-billion light years away, scientists have created one of […]