2012, A Moon visit

A few days ago I posted some observations of the Moon. Today I looked at the post again due to the fact that I had been watching 2001 A Space Odyssey again. Disliked by many due to its slow pace I still love it, just because of the pace. That’s how space travel should be. Floating in silence forever and ever.

One of the pictures showed you the south polar region of the Moon with the craters Klaproth and Cassatus. I looked at it again because I wondered if Clavius was on the picture as well. It isn’t, but I also discovered my description wasn’t very clear. So here’s the picture again with a better indication of which crater is where. You can click for a bigger format.

As you can see I indicated Clavius is exactly north of the region my picture covered.

What about Clavius? You might not know that this is the site of a Moon base in 2001, and in the vicinity of the location of TMA-1. Well,in the vicinity is a bit of a stretch. According to the novel and movie, the TMA-1, the black monolith was found near Tycho crater, which is about 480 kilometers north, as the birds fly (not on the Moon, that is).

Here are some scenes from the Moon, as seen in the movie. It still is one of the best depictions of the weird surface of the Moon. A masterpiece.

Dr. Floyd descents towards Clavius base, to lead the research team of the TMA-1

Moonwalkers overlooking Clavius base, while the transport vessel with Dr. Floyd lands (upper left). The horizon on the Moon is much closer than suggested here in the stills from 2001, A Space Odyssey. But the intention is good.
And oh, the Earth has flipped (see above). Goof.

On their way to TMA-1 near Tycho crater, a 500km flight north. The pod is plump, like the vessel that took Floyd to the Moon. Why design for aerodynamics where there’s no atmosphere?

There it is, TMA-1. Upon touching it, humankind sends out a second signal about its evolution to the makers of the monoliths. The first signal came from the apes touching the stone in the first part of the movie.

As the signal was sent to a Jovian moon, a spacecraft set out with a secret mission. Probably the large strut between the propulsion system and the living quarters is there to prevent the astronauts from radiation coming from the engines.

And long it is.

…while the two astronauts awake (the rest is in cryogenic sleep) watch their iPads. In a fictional 2001 from a real 1968.

Little did they know…… “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”…

BTW you can go to Clavius Moon Base if you want. Click here.

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