Jupiter takes a BIG hit

This is a still from a movie made by George Hall, from Dallas, TX showing a flash in the cloud tops of Jupiter. It’s confirmed by many that something impacted on Jupiter, probably an asteroid or a comet. Jupiter is a very large planet, sucking up a lot of debris floating around the Solar system. We should be glad with a big brother/sister in our vicinity, as it makes the odds of one of those flying towards us a lot smaller. What you’re looking at is an impossibly to fathom amount of energy. (George’s Astrophotography)

Click on the picture to go to his Jupiter page immediately.

From George’s website: “This is a screen capture from QuickTime of a single frame from the video. The video was captured with a 12″ LX200GPS, 3x Televue Barlow, and Point Grey Flea 3 camera. The capture software was Astro IIDC.”

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