Old school astrophotography pt. 2

The next one is h/X Persei, same specs (400mm tele piggyback on C8 and 10 minutes exposure time. Somewhere in August or September 1992, when I had just bought my C8.

The reason I bought that C8 at that time had a somewhat special reason for me. I owned a 60mm f/910mm refractor. Back in the ’70s my parents bought it for fl 190,-, maybe fl 400,- nowadays, and about €200 currently.

It was nearing the end of its lifespan, although it was a great little telescope to start with. It had an equatorial mount and two hand control knobs on long spirals, which wasn’t a bad idea save for the vibrations it gave in the mount.

I walked around with the plan to buy a new telescope but start saving for it first – to be on the safe side.  But in June 1992, my father died after a few months struggling with brain cancer. The night before his funeral I put the scope in the trunk of my car and got out in the open to get away from it all for a moment. After his death at 64 I realized it could be over any minute if you had bad luck. So I decided not to wait for more years but buy one right away. In August of that year, I had made my choice and bought the C8, a choice I never regretted.My father would have loved the telescope. Alas, he never got the chance to look through it.

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