September goodies in the sky

A few pictures between the high clouds this evening here in Utrecht.

This is M15, close to Enif in the constellation Pegasus. It’s a globular cluster about 33,000 light years from Earth. C8, Nikon D90, primary focus and 8″ ISO1600. Click for a larger version.


This is Neptune. The planet shows up blueish, unlike Uranus, which is clearly greenish. The two stars nearby are 3UC 157-290968 and HD210929, magnitude 11 and 10 – if you must know. Neptune is magnitude 7.8.


The waning Moon. To the upper right you see Mare Crisium on the terminator, half shadow, half light.

Here’s a detail of the upper right corner with names. Click for larger versions – all pictures.

And here’s a part from the picture with Mare Tranquilitates, Sea of Tranquility, the place where Apollo 11 landed and Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon as first human. I indicated the spot – approximately. You’re looking at a picture spanning roughly a 1000 kilometers. A create like Plinius is about 45 kilometers in diameter.



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