Hooray Day

It’s Hooray Day. Or, to elaborate, the 54th time I experience January 23. Thank you. I reward myself with an anti-selfie.

Give Niclas Koppernigk a belated birthday present

Today it’s 540 years ago that Niclas Koppernigk, or Nicolaus Copernicus was born, February 19, 1473. Hurray for the man who this blog and domain was named after. Google celebrates with an animated doodle of…

And today is…..

Thanks. No, I turned 52. Yes. Yes, really. Have a piece of birthday cake.

A birthday instead of astronomy

Today my mother turned 80. No astronomy related post here, just a quick notice that we’ve been celebrating, and will continue to celebrate in the weekend. Below you see the old gezinskaart from around 1940,…