The strangest theory of them all

The theory is so obscure there’s not a Wikipedia page about it yet. It might be impossible to formulate mathematically. One theoretical physicist calls it the Emperor Palpatine of theories, even more powerful and inscrutable…

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The exciting neutrino

Neutrinos have grown out to be the superstars of particle physics recently. They have some history. Only experimentally discovered in 1970, their existence was accepted way earlier by physicists. Wolfgang Pauli, studying radioactive beta decay,…

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Four universes

In the realm of far out ideas in science, the notion of a multiverse is one of the stranger ones. Astronomers and physicists have considered the possibility that our universe may be one of many….

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How to split time and space

I like cosmology, elementary particle physics, quantum theory, string theory, brane theory and you name it. Not because I understand any of it, but because it’s so creative, outside the box and inspiring – sometimes…