The Moon and Jupiter – and its moons

Tonight the Moon and Jupiter are in close vicinity. If you download the picture, look at the full resolution and zoom in, you can see the four large moons all at the east of Jupiter….

Old pictures and Jovian moons

Just today I browsed some old pictures I took. This picture below was taken on August 9, 2009, at 2:39 am DST, according to the EXIF-data.Click on any of the pictures below to see a…

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Centered around family matters

A Solar System Family Portrait, from the Inside Out Release Date: February 18, 2011 Topics: Earth, NAC, Stars, Venus, WAC Dates Acquired: November 3 and 16, 2010 Instrument: Wide Angle Camera (WAC) and Narrow Angle…

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Water, water everywhere

"When NASA announced last month the finding of water ice in several impact craters on Mars, and either water or hydroxyl widely dispersed on the moon’s surface, the solar system became a little more familiar…

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A few pictures

  The Moon on its way to the horizon.   Jupiter, with moons (from inside out) Io, Europa, Ganymede. Callisto to the left is missing.   M31 or Andromeda Galaxy. All three pictures taken with…

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More quick Moon shots, and a peek at Jupiter

Much better results with the exposure delay mode on the D90 tonight. It raises the mirror, waits till vibrations are gone and opens the shutter. The Moon was much higher in the sky as well,…