space exploration

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A big salute

I didn’t know what a big ol’ “navy” salute was. 40 years ago, when I was 11 years old, I could have guessed, had I watched this video.

Let’s go nuclear

So the Russians say. They plan to introduce nuclear powered devices to the stars, and first to the distant planets: According to Russia’s Nuclear Agency (Rosatom) the nuclear power and propulsion installation of the megawatt-class…

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Clean. Very clean.

Mars may have been arid for more than 600 million years, making it too hostile for any life to survive on the planet’s surface, according to researchers who have been carrying out the painstaking task…

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To the Stars – the sequel

A project to pave the way for humanity’s journey to the stars will be helmed by a former astronaut, Mae Jemison, already a pioneer in her own right. She will lead DARPA’s 100-Year Starship project,…

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Cold Fusion Claptrap

Voyager 1 is now leaving solar system, making it the first manmade probe to enter interstellar space. That’s quite an achievement, and it only took 30+ years. But if we’re going to get serious about…

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Another new frontier for Voyager

NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft has entered a new region between our solar system and interstellar space. Data obtained from Voyager over the last year reveal this new region to be a kind of cosmic purgatory….

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Venus? What Venus?

Scientists studying Venus say NASA has a bias against the planet when it come to scientific missions and infrequent visits are hindering their research. Venus researchers voiced their frustrations at the annual meeting of NASA’s…