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Let’s say – the old man on the grassy knoll. Weird. Intriguing. Extraterrestrial. Tip o’ the hat to Universe Today.

Drive a 6×6

Want to drive around Mars, following the tracks so far made by the Mars Curiosity Rover? Head here and go trailblazing.

2012, A Moon visit

A few days ago I posted some observations of the Moon. Today I looked at the post again due to the fact that I had been watching 2001 A Space Odyssey again. Disliked by many…

Luminos app

I bought a new star app for my iPad, Luminos. Instead of a built-in database of satellites, you can download them with a free account at Space-Track. The app has some nice features, which adds…

Your name (and mine) on Mars

My name is somewhere on that chip on Mars as well. Per capita we’re doing well from the Netherlands. Most interesting in the stats is the high number of Iranians putting their names on a…